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Greenpac Mill is a new state-of-the-art containerboard mill that is currently being constructed in Niagara Falls, NY. It is a one of a kind project in the North American Packaging Industry.   Greenpac Mill will be recognized for its high tech equipment, sustainable manufacturing processes and high performance work organization. The new mill will manufacture light weight linerboard made with 100% recycled fibers, and will have an annual production capacity of 540,000 short tons.

Greenpac Mill is a partnership between Cascades Inc. and three other partners, for the purpose of constructing and operating a containerboard mill. Greenpac Mill is the biggest project ever managed by Cascades in almost 50 years of existence.


Thanks to numerous technological advances, the Greenpac Mill will manufacture one of the best containerboards in the industry and will be a leader in terms of sustainable development.

Greenpac Mill
4400 Royal Avenue

Niagara Falls, NY 14303

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